A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Greetings Sir,

Unfortunately, the virus that was contained in our lab has been released into the testing maze. It seems to be turning our employees into zombie like creatures. This virus is transmitted by their bite. If they kill you will turn into one of them. Your mission should you choose to accept it is to go into the maze and eliminate as many of the infected persons as possible. Weapons and ammunition will be provided.

Good Luck,
Mr. D


Death Maze 1.5.5 Installer (Windows).exe 16 MB
deathmaze-osx-universal.zip 23 MB
Version 1 52 days ago


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A lot of weird things happen when I'm being hit by zombies, like being blasted sky high and going through walls.

soup shep

My antivirus blocked it.

can you disable it?

Haven't tried it because I'm on a Mac. Can you make a Mac download so I can play it? it sounds fun

Hello All,

This is an open beta test of my new game Death Maze. Please notify me in the comments if you find any bugs or glitches.


Mr. D

This is a great game, but I have found that if you jump while taking damage you get rocketed up.

-I think you know who (hint: look at the username)

seriously Jed??

I was attacking a zombie, backing up against a wall as it turned a corner and came at me. When it hit me, I was still backing up, and I fell out of the maze and never respawned.